We're OPEN! Here's what we're doing to keep you safe.

Posted by Shanna Wray on

We are excited to open our storefront after two, long months. We've taken several safety measures to ensure we're continuing to follow social distancing guidelines. The health and wellness of our customers and our employees is our number one priority and we appreciate your help in ensuring we're all doing our part to #flattenthecurve.

We've provided a hand sanitizing station with gloves and masks available, right inside our front door and there are several others placed throughout our store. We have placed stickers on the floor, 6ft apart in all of our high-traffic areas, where people tend to gather. If you're waiting to cash out, we do ask that you stand on these stickers. We've also placed arrows on the floor to help you decide which is the easiest route to get to wherever you're headed and expect that traffic will only move in that direction.

We're offering equipment fitting appointments, whether it's for skates, helmets or any other items, that will allow us to be sure that your safety is not compromised by our sales staff helping multiple customers at once. These appointments are not necessary but we do prefer that you notify us ahead of time by calling to let us know that you are coming and will require an associate to help you in close proximity.

Our Embroidery Department is up and running as well! We've made some adjustments and closed off access to their side of the store from inside ours and we've temporarily given them a separate entrance to better be able to practice social distancing. There are hand sanitizing stations in this department as well, with gloves and masks available. 

We are accepting cash, but credit or debit is still a preferred method of payment. 

Of course, we do understand that there are still people who aren't quite comfortable enough to shop in the traditional way yet. We are still offering online and phone order fulfillment and curb-side pick-up.

Thank you for all of your support during this strange time, while we navigate uncertain and uncharted waters. We will update you whenever we can, every time our procedures change. 

We're so happy to be able to finally serve you in person again!


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