Bauer 1S Glove

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  • By constructing such a close-fitting and comfortable glove, reaction times and puck control will be an absolute breeze and you’ll be making the opposition look foolish on the ice.  FleXorb has combined the revolutionary technologies of G-FORM and XRD Materials to create one of the most protective gloves on the market by giving you three layers of protection on the back roll of the glove. With PE inserts on top, double density foam on the bottom, and FleXorb sandwiched in the middle, the Supreme 1S glove will assist you in surviving the ugliest of slashes while not sacrificing performance in the slightest. The extremely durable pro nylon and cable mesh shell will extend the life of the gloves and keep them looking sharp regardless of how many ice times you have.
  • The 3-piece index finger construction of the glove will help maintain its anatomical fit and the Free Flex cuff will give you an ample amount of wrist movement without sacrificing the true fit of the glove. A patented 3-piece flex lock thumb will protect your thumb from impacts and prevent hyperextension. The AX Suede Quattro Pro palm will keep the Supreme 1S glove looking like new for longer by keeping your palms in one piece. 

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