Bauer 2X Goalie Catcher Senior

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  • External Material- Bauer uses their synthetic leather with C.O.R.Tech skin on the new Vapor 2X Pro catcher. This promotes harder, faster rebound than normal blocker skin. Having used this technology for the past few years, Bauer is confident it gives goalies the edge they need over the competition. This technology works by having a faster recovery rate than other skin types, the faster the recovery, the faster and harder the puck will come off.
  • Break Angle- The glove stays comfortable and consistent with a 60 degree break, same as what was used on the 1X. This angle used by Bauer is more of a finger-close style, meaning when closing the glove, it is almost all in the fingers, this allows the glove to be more protective on the palm and minimize the amount of stingers you’ll get because of added Curv Composite.
  • Pocket Design- The new Bauer 2X Catcher has gone back to the single T design, different from the split T on the 1X and the double T on the 2S promoting the glove to close faster and easier. Bauer has also created a new max depth pocket to allow the glove to trap and keep any pucks sent its way with ease.
  • Strapping- The strapping now has Bauer's Fast Strap system allowing the user to quickly tighten their glove for maximum comfort and control.
  • Cuff Design- The new Vapor 2X goalie glove is meant to be more comfortable and easier to use by having their free flex back hand, this allows playing the puck easier while also allowing more mobility in general.
  • Colors- The glove comes in a range of colours including white, red, blue and navy.

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