CCM Premier R1.5 Goal Pants (Junior)

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  • The CCM Premier R1.5 goalie pants feature molded PE foam for great protection in the waist. The hidden zipper with 1? length extender provides a customized fit which is great for goalies that are still growing and goalies that prefer a larger pant. The thigh protectors are constructed with molded plastic and PE foams for great protection. 
  • The hips are protected with molded plastics, PE foams and segmented PE foams. Segmentation allows the pants to move with the goalie and won?t bunch up when in the butterfly or a vulnerable position leaving the goalie protected at all times. The spine plate has PE foam offering protection to the spine area. 
  • These pants are constructed with 400D nylon with stretch zones. Stretch zones allow the pants to remain flexible with the movements goalies use today. The inner belt system easily allows goalies to ensure the pants are tight around the waist and provide maximum coverage. Instead of using suspenders to hold the pants up (for goalies who like their pants to feel loose and take up more of the net) the inner belt is a great solution.