CCM SuperTacks Gloves

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  • The CCM Super Tacks gloves have an adjusted fit that hugs the hands while opening at the cuff for improved mobility. This improved fit offers a 3-piece segmented cuff that allows the wrist better movement to offer better stick handling control. To enhance protection, CCM uses the innovative D30 smart material engineered to react to fluctuating intensities of impacts. This smart foam will keep its soft consistency to absorb low impacts and immediately harden upon high impacts to disperse energy and better protect against big hits.
  • The exterior of the glove features a pro selected polyester that is very durable as well as lightweight to increase the life of the glove. On the other side, a NHL beige Clarino nash palm with reinforcements at the main wear areas enhances the freedom ofmovement, flexibility and protection by offering a supple and comfort palm with a pro feel and durability.
  • Protection is provided to you by a pro level PE foam along with PE inserts along the backhand, fingers, cuff and even the side of the pinky for full coverage. On the fingers and backhand along with the PE foam and inserts, D30 smart material is used to offer another barrier of protection. As mentioned, this smart foam is an innovative material used to manage varying intensities of impact energy while remaining lightweight.

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