CCM Extreme Flex E4.5 Catcher Junior

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  • Intro & New Features- A favourite in the goalie world of trappers is back again in the 4th rendition of the Extreme Flex line. The CCM E-flex 4.5 trapper brings improvements without changing much on the glove worn by the masses. With a stock double T pocket, Injected moulded PE thumb protection and quick strap release, this glove stays true to the features that popularized it in the first place.
  • External Material- CCM uses SpeedSkin technology on the exterior of the glove. SpeedSkin is CCM’s new skin for their equipment, promoting faster and more efficient sliding along the ice.
  • Break Angle- The trapper keeps the same angle as always with a 600 angle or 75-degree when comparing to other brands. This angle promotes the glove to face more outwards rather than upright. Designed with input from CCM, this glove is great for playing the puck and catching pucks far away from the body.
  • Pocket Design- The pocket comes with a stock double T design to promote a larger, more open pocket as well as increase visibility when covering the puck. The double T design is also believed to provide more puck retention, making sure you don’t drop anything.
  • Strapping- The strapping stays familiar on the E-flex 4 with the addition of the new Quick Release webbing strap over the wrist.
  • Cuff Design- The cuff and thumb are composed of injected moulded PE and PE foam for impact absorption.
  • Colors- The trapper comes in white and black/silver as well as team colours such as Montreal, Chicago, Toronto, etc.