Nash Puck Out

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  • The Nash Puck Out! puck mark remover is easy to use and will not damage your equipment. This package comes with one bottle of solution and 6 puck mark erasers. 
  • How to use Puck Out!
  • Take the Puck Out! lotion and spread a small amount onto the pad
  • Using the pad, spread it around and start to scrub the pad
  • You don't need to press very hard when scrubbing the pads
  • After the area has been erased, use a damp wet cloth to wipe any excess material off
  • Please use caution when using Puck Out! on ink printed materials on the pads (such as brand name) as the solution may take this writing off. It is recommended to use water with one of the pads and work the area so the ink will not be lifted off.