Warrior G4 Intermediate Blocker

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  • Warrior's Ritual line has a legacy of lightweight and innovative design and the Ritual G4 Pro senior goalie blocker is not an exception to this rule. Providing pro level protection to those elite goalies that need it, the G4 Pro senior goalie blocker offers some unique features that only Warrior can bring to the table.
  • The Warrior G4 Pro senior goalie blocker continues to feature the signature Warrior feature in a removable blocker palm. Warrior also has other sizes of this palm available if you could use a bit less or a bit more room. The L is the stock liner size, and both M and XL are offered for the senior G4 Pro goalie blocker. This removable liner also allows you to adjust the fit of the blocker palm as well because of the multiple velcro attachment points is provides.
  • The Warrior G4 Pro senior goal blocker also features a new material to help reinforce the core. This material is called HyperComp, and is a carbon based composite that provides much more protection than HD foams.
  • Finally, the last change from the older G3 Pro senior blocker is the new adjustable side index finger protection. This protection sits on the inside of the blocker hand and helps in situations where the puck might slide up the blocker and impact the goalies hand where it would have been unprotected.