Warrior Ritual X2 Goalie Jock

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  • External Material- Warrior chooses to use a soft, cushioned liner to promote breathability and comfort. The ergonomic abdomen pad allows the upper part of the jock to bend freely, enabling the user to crouch as low as necessary without any discomfort from the jock digging in.
  • Cup Protection- Warrior uses Shockshield protection to disperse the initial impact of a shot throughout the jock, minimizing the total impact. This feature is somewhat like a “double cup”, using a plastic covering over the cup to attain this level of protection.
  • Fit- The jock will fit most individuals but you must keep in mind your pant size as this jock is rather large. The double layer of protection creates a wide fitting jock that protrudes from the body.
  • Sizes & Colors- The jock comes in a sleek black colour with a similar look to the original grey Ritual X jock.