Wilson NCAA Street Shot Basketball

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  • With outstanding durability and numerous features for advanced grip and ball handling, this is the best ball from Wilson for repeated shooting, dribbling, and passing drills. This basic indoor/outdoor ball is meant as an introductory ball for players age junior high and up.
  • Because this ball is made for both indoor and outdoor use, you don’t need to worry about storing it separately from your outdoor-only balls.
  • Its composite cover provides enough protection for any level of play and any surface. Though the ball’s cover is tougher than leather, it is still soft enough for comfortable play.
  • Recessed rubber channels enhance one’s ability to control the ball for better dribbling and shooting, while high-definition pebbling adds even more grip.
  • The ball comes in 2 sizes. Size 6 is meant for women’s games and younger players, while Size 7 is meant for men’s games and older players.